Sunny Days and Mondays!

Hey you!!

If you read my last couple of blog entries, then you’d know that I’d had a bit of a crap week through circumstances outwith my control.

I actually wrote that last blog entry, about Good News, late on Thursday night, I was looking forward to teh weekend.

Unfortunately I woke up on Friday morning with a painful eye, I couldn’t look at light and even missed my work .. which as a “self-employed consultant” is so not me!

Friday and saturday spent in a darkened room, very light sensitive and feeling like sh1t.

Sunday feeling a bit better .. it was a gorgeous day in Glasgow but I couldn’t look at it.

Most of mine was spent fitting a new shower at my brothers.

Been a long time since I did anything like that .. but easier than I thought.

Today .. Sunny and gorgeous in Glasgow .. feeling good and enjoying the sunshine.

I’m currently sitting at my desk, looking out my 8th floor window down onto the greenery of Blytheswood square and wishing I was up at Loch Lomond on a walk.

Update on the Good news – The house sold to the highest bidder and has an early entry date in a few weeks time.

The 2 sealed envelopes were opened at 11am and I had a wee smile on my face when the guy who was trying to undercut me lost out .. serves them right for playing hardball when they were the only bidder and they could have had the house if they’d made a reasonable offer. So I’m glad I stuck to my guns.

I’m delighted that It sold for slightly over the asking price particularly in the current climate.

This was the house my three kids were brought up in, so needless to say there is some sadness in letting it go.

Love the song .. A house is not a Home .. its the moemories which are important.

Life moves on.

Maybe that in itself was the third piece of good news?

Hope you’re weekend was better than mine!!

And you’re week is on the up .. mine’s definitely is!



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