Online Dating – Ugly Ducklings and Funny Valentines!!

Happy Valentines day to you!

Saint Valentine the patron saint of lovers. I have no idea why!

I’ve thought of a few titles for this post .. playing around .. just for laughs.

My Funny Valentine
There once was an Ugly Duckling …
Beauty and the Beast.

You get the idea?!

Anyways, I have recently had a few coffee dates, nothing major, no dinners or dancing. No lines crossed or promises made.

I’ve met some people that I like but no-one setting my soul on fire.

Well okay maybe one.

Last week, I wrote about one of my dates J with whom I had a second date arranged last week. That was until she cancelled at the last minute stating ‘there’s not enough attraction’

I was perplexed at the time and wrote about it in the link below.

Well J got back in touch, she told me that cancelled her online membership.

She’s a nice person, we had a few laughs about her cancelling the date but didn’t arrange anything.

Meantime .. there were a few other developments ..

An unfortunate set of coincidences …

I was going to write about them .. I have written about them ..

But I was brought up believing that manners and discretion are the better part of valour.

So I won’t be putting them on here.

I have no bitternes or resentment .. sometimes thats how the cookie crumbles.

But it sickened me .. sickened me enough that I was giving up on dating altogether.

on Tuesday night after the football I was going to cancel my membership.

Fortunately .. time with my son and a good nights sleep .. made me rethink whats important.

Fortunately .. chatting to a few people that I’ve never met convinced me otherwise.

Online dating is difficult, putting yourself out there open to all and sundry .. you can be hurt.

But there are good people out there too .. I still believe that .. and that includes everyone involved in this story. Named or not.

Even when there is no chemistry .. you meet other souls along the way who suffer the same trials and tribulations from the liars, cheats and game players.

It affects people, messes with their head and brings out their insecurities.

I appreciate how that works. But it’s never been something which I’ve let get to me.

It just emphasises that making the right connection is so difficult and people deserve to be treated with respect and honesty.

By the way, If there’s any Ugly Duckling in this story .. it was me!

And you know what happened to him!

So for you .. my funny valentine .. whoever you are.

My funny valentine, Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart.
You’re looks are laughable, unphotographable
but you’re my favourite work of art

I love that song .. its about the unobvious beauty .. loving someone who isn’t conventionally beautiful because they have depth and their beauty isn’t skin deep.

So what ever you’re doing tonight.

If no charming prince has materialised to sweep you off your feet.

Just remember … like the song says .. each day is valentines day.

And theres always tomorrow.



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