Friday – Good News!!


Friday again … back to the fun .. whoop-whoo!!

Well we will get there in a few minutes .. but its good news all the way!

Good News 1

I’ve been selling my house in Newton Mearns .. its not where I live but bought my ex-wife out last year after the divorce deal completed, ripped it apart, did it up and put it on the market a few months ago.

As you’ll be aware, even selling well maintained houses in the best of areas is slow right now.

But I’ve had a few viewers since the turn of the year and have a couple of bids around about the asking price.

So today .. its going to a closing date .. at 11am .. the envelopes will be open and hopefully I’ll get the price I’m looking for.

Good News 2

My youngest brother Stuart runs an HMV store and has been pretty worried since they went into adminstration a few weeks ago.

But he’s just texted me to tell me that he has been offered the job of running a brand new flagship store for a major brand opening in Edinburgh in April.

How cool is that … I am so pleased for him.

Right back to the fun …

A few weeks ago when I saw Les Mis at The Grosvenor .. which was fantastic .. have a read at my link from seeing the stage show in London last September.

Before the movie startred, we saw the trailers for The Flight. … check out the links to the trailer and the crash scene below.

Wow … the crash scene is stunning .. I think this is one of the best parts of a movie I’ve ever saw.

Denzel at his very best .. I really want to see this movie soon.

Tonight .. skipping the curry with my mate .. going to The Ferry to see a U2-2 .. they are meant to be the best U2 tribute band and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow .. who knows .. but The Flight sounds like a winner to me.

Do you believe that good news comes in 3s?

What other good news will the day bring?

Have fun!!


2 thoughts on “Friday – Good News!!

    1. Hi June,

      I’m fine thanks. Had a sore eye all weekend. Conjunctivitis apparently. Too much contact lens use. Started on Wednesday and was bad Friday Saturday but in the mend now.

      House sold for more than asking price. . So still a happy boy!

      I’ve been a bit busy to add anything else to the book but as earlier note said adding in some more chapters between 11 and 12.

      Expect something else this week.

      Hope all good with you.

      Drop me an email and let me know what you’ve been up to?


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