Gigs – Paul Carrack – Tempted?

Good day to you,

I hope you enjoy reading my gibberings. I find it very cathartic to put my thoughts down on electronic paper.

Read tomorrows — I’m saving a goodie from my online dating experiences for Valentines Day!

I’m pretty much an open book .. pretty much .. but you never reallly know someone .. do you?

Naturally – That works both ways.

Have you ever read about Johari’s Window and its uses for self awareness?

Business bollocks more like … simplistically over complicating something which should be very natural and stating the obvious if you ask me.

Of course we have a public face that we project to the world
Of course we have secrets that we tell only to our closest friends
Of course we have things that we know about ourselves which we don’t share with the world.

Is anyone any different?

You would have to be extremely niave to share your secrets with the full world.

My advice .. don’t waste your time with psycho-babble, live in the real world and be honest with people.

Football last night – Ssssssshhhhh!!

Actually it was a good game .. but the result 3-0 defeat is pretty harsh.

In other news .. I had a drink and a chat with a temporary-friend the other night, enjoyed the conversation and they reminded me that Paul Carrack is playing Glasgow tonight.

Paul has an illustrious career haiing sang with Squeeze – Tempted, Ace – How Long ( Has This Been Going On ) and was the vocalist for Mike and The Mechanics.

I’m tempted to go. No tickets and who would I go with?

Hhhhhm!!! 🙂


Tempted by the fruit of another
Tempted but the truth is discovered

One thought on “Gigs – Paul Carrack – Tempted?

  1. I’ve never heard of The Johari Window before, tried to read and gave up – I’ll try again later!
    Sounds like it could be a good gig, would be a shame to miss it!

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