Friday – The Changing Man!

Friday again!!

Jeez, where did that go!!

It;’s been a busy week, my lovely daughter in prelim panic mode, Biology today – I can’t help her with that one! 🙂

Fortunately my son has recently graduated with a 2:1 in Microbiology at Glasgow and came to the rescue. He’s still working in Morrisons tho, it’s tough times for graduates right now.

This week, tickets went on sale for Paul Weller at Edinburgh Castle in July and the B52’s at the O2 ABC in August this year.

I can’t make up my mind on buying them today or leaving it as they are both in the middle of the summer holidays and I’m lhoping to be away around then.

I saw both of these icons the last time that they played Glasgow.

Honest opinon .. Paul Weller … the complete rock god that he is .. his last gig was both fantastic and disappointing. When he plays the songs from his illustrious back catalogue, the hit’s from The Jam including In The City, David Watts, That’s Entertainment, , through the brief Style Council period of Shout To The Top to his solo career biggies such as Chanigng Man, From The Floorboards up etc then its wonderful.

But he’s a moody bastard and pretty self indulgent with the unknown album songs. So If you’re smart, you look on the night before and you can use the other songs for a chance to go to the loo or the bar!

The more I see
The more I know
The more I know
The less I understand ….
I’m a Changing Man!

The B52’s, it’s hard to be as harsh on them as they don’t have the same back catalogue as Mr Weller. Of course there was filler it’s only to be expected.

The last time they played Glasgow in 2008, standing at the top bar, a few beers and bopping around to Private Idaho etc, knowing that they were keeping the real goodiess for the big finish.

We weren’t to be let down, their version of Love Shack must have lasted 10 minutes with an extended bridge, bass pumping …Bang Bang Bang on the Door Baby … Tiiiin Rooof …. Rusted?

Never understood that personally, but what the hell .. That one song made the night and was worth the ticket money in itself.

Slight disappointment that they didn’t play Good Stuff which was always a personal favourite.

Decision made .. I’m going to both gigs and the summer holiday will just need to be booked to fit in between 21st July and 12th August.

I wonder where Celtic will be playing in the Champions League qualifiers around then?

Right .. moving along …

Tonight – A Leaving “do” for one of my pals leaving my last place to go back into the contracting world .. always good to stay in touch especially in the current climate.

Tomorrow – A family night out.

Sunday – The Australian Pink Floyd play Glasgow Armadillo – Not quite the real thing but they are fantastic and have an amazing light show. Check the link below for a few examples. My personal favouriites are the obvious ones like Comfortably Numb, but I love the strange mixture of sadness and eroticness conveyed by The Great Gig In The Sky.

On Sunday, I’m taking my brother Duncan, I was never a Floyd fan growing up, I was more Bowie, Roxy Music, New Wave and Punk, But he loved them so got him the tickets as a wee Christmas present. They were so good last time that I’ve also bought tickets fo their gig at the Usher Hall , Edinburgh in a few weeks .. well worth seeing if you get the chance.

Whatever you are doing …. Get your music on and dance!!

Don’t become, comfortably numb!



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