Zombies, Irony and Social Norms!

Monday Again …Booooo!!

Sitting on the train to work this morning .. Jeeeesuuuus .. look at those Zombies!!

I had to smile when Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead started playing in my headphones.

Ironic no .. that would be the wrong use of the word .. its whatever the opposite of ironic is?! Fitting? Congruous?

Its such a strange social experience, sitting on the train, in such close proximity, facing each other, but no-one says a word.

Why is that?

Is it because we are scared to break the socail norm?

A couple of weeks ago .. I did what I do when I see someone struggling .. I give them a hand.

But what strange looks it caused.

On the way home I got on the train at Glasgow Central low level, The train was full, standing room only.

At Argyll street, a 50+ lady got on, she’d obviously been at the sales and was over burdened with shopping, both hands full and unable to hold on.

I get up and offer her my seat, which she gratefully accepteds with a look of relief .. pleasantries are exchanged.

So how come I’m standing there with my face flushed and feeling the looks from all around me?

To be fair, not all of them were intolerant or judgemental .. probably some looks of approval in there too.

But I wonder ..How low have we sunk as a society when giving up your seat has became unusual rather than the norm?

When the young sit there with their head-phones on and ignore someone like their mum or gran struggling?

CAll me old-fashioned .. but for me, its just good-manners and I prefer it that way.

Maybe .. if you make one small change today .. put yourself out on that limb then the trains won’t be full of the living dead.

Oh yeah .. my weekend .. fantastic .. sore legs … but a happy boy!

The mountain was covered in ice near the top so we only went as far as the small lochan at 2700 feet.

Not bad for the first serious walk of the year.

I even managed to fit in a few dances on saturday night .. its good for the soul.

What ever you did .. I hope you had fun.

Choose living or you’re already as dead as the Zombies on the train.


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