Friday – Champagne Supernova!


How are you?

Friday again .. I love Friday!!

Is it because I drop my daughter off at her mums and then I have the weekend to myself?

Naaah .. don’t be so cynical!

Is it because this weekend will be full of dancing and Champagne?

Naaah .. but I wish!

Today like every Friday my cleaner comes from 9 til 12.

I keep a very tidy house, I hate mess or clutter.

I do most of the things that need done but I like the house spotless for the weekend.

She does all the crap that I really don’t have the time or inclination to do.

You know the kind of stuff, cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, hovering carpets, etc.

Today like every other Friday what did I do???

I tidied up before the cleaner arrived!!

Is that madness or what?

Classic case of the tail wagging the dog?


This morning as I did my pre-cleaner tidy, Oasis – Champagne Supernove was playing on my hi-fi.

The following words seemed to fit –

How many special people change?
How many lives are living Strange?
Where were you when we were tidying up?

Slowly running down the hall
Faster than the cleaner calls
With a mop, cloth and duster in my hand!

Some day you will find me
Underneath the breakfast bar
With a mop, cloth and duster in my hand!

Oh how times have changed!

Rock’n’Roll Baby!! 🙂

Right .. today .. seriously ..

Today work .. but lets not talk about that!

Tonight .. I take the munchkin over to her mums, pick up my mate and head up to The Drovers Hotel on Loch Lomond.

What a fantastic pub that is .. full of life .. usually a band on and great food.

Tomorrow morning, up as early as our fuzzy heads allows, big breakfast.

Then we’re walking over the back of the drovers, across the river Falloch at the top of Loch Lomond, across the path of the West Highland Way and starting up the steep climb of Ben Chabhair.

This is a great Munro walk, see the link below, steep ascent for a third of its height. The waterfall on our right. Then a long walk in over 2 miles or so for another third of its ascent, passing Lochan An Castiel with its reflections of the remaining third of the mountain in its still clear waters. Then another 1000 feet or so and we’ll be at the top.

Ben Chabhair At Loch Lomond

The last time I did this, it took us 6 hours and sore legs.

Hopefully we’re back in the pub before we lose the light.

Whatever you are doing .. Enjoy!



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