Christmas – I Just Can’t Win!

Do you ever feel that you can’t win?

That no matter what you do to make it nice, things go against you?

Christmas, my favourite time of year, I like to make it special, but in recent years no matter what I do, things never seem to go to plan.

I was expecting my daughter Laura 22 to come in and meet me at 5 last night and we’d go shopping straight from work.

But she texts me at 5:20 just as I’m leaving the office saying whats happening? She lives 10 miles away and it would take 40 minutes in the rush hour to get here.

So I arranged to meet her and my son Steven 23 at The Fort shooping centre and went home to get changed and a quick bite to eat .. although I had been hoping to take hem for dinner .. that was the first disappointment.

Home, caught in the rain from the train to the house .. a drowned rat .. I call her up and say lets go to Silverburn instead, as its indoors rather than open air like The Fort.

But my son does his dinger, he doesn’t want to go to Silverburn as he knows too many people there and I’ll ask too many questions.

I’m like whit? .. get a grip .. I’d only ask cos I care .. so what have you got to be embarrassed about.

But he says he doens’t want to go shopping with Laura and get dragged
round girls shops and takes the huff and the conversation didn’t end well.

So I made tea, gave it 10 minutes and took a deep breath and called him back, explained that its Christmas and I don’t often get the chance to spend time with all of my 3 kids and was looking forward to seeing them altogether,

So we met at Silverburn, Steven and Laura got there earlier than Claire and I.

It went well, we had some laughs and we split up at times and the girls went to one shop and us boys went to another, or I went with the girls and Steven went scouting for what he wanted.

It was nice, they each got completely new outfits including winter jackets and boots, jeans and jumpers.

Job done and 3 happy kids.

As we are leaving, big hugs and winding Laura up as she isn’t very
huggy. So I was making sure that I gave her lots of over the top embarrassing hugs, She was making faces but was laughing too and tell me that I’m embarrassing her .. good I says, thats part of my job .. besides its payback.

But I say to them, what are we doing Christmas Day, its my turn to have you lot over on Christmas Eve and for dinner .. and what happens .. they are going to spend it with their mum and pop over during the day for a couple of hours.

I’m gutted .. seriously upset about it .. I just can’t win.

What am I dong tonight .. going shopping to buy surprises for them ..
can’t have them not getting surprises on the day .. and I need to fill up their stockings.

But I’m upset .. its going to be another Christmas spent largely on my own and last Christmas was particularly fecking miserable and I’ve got to tell you that as I write this .. sitting at my desk in the far corner of a busy office .. I have a smidgeon of a tear in my eye and I’m not even ashamed about it.

No wonder they say that Christmas is the loneliest time of year.


A pic of my kids at the millennium. Where did that go?



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