Friday – All I Want For Christmas Is ….

Friday again …

Bloody hell where does that week go? Its been busy!

My daughter and I put up our tree on Wednesday night, I tested the
Christmas lights beforehand .. then put them up .. and they weren’t working … aaarrrggghhh!!

So last night I’m at Tesco picking out new lights, the joys.

At least these ones are LED and shouldn’t break as easily.

I’ve attached a wee pic below .. I think the tree looks great, I’ll need to get my finger out and get more Christmas shopping done and the presents wrapped up underneath.

Tonight .. its my ex-works official Christmas night out. They start at 12, lunch booked in The Grill On The Corner at 2, then I’ll catch up with them at 5 .. it’s going to be messy.

Tomorrow ..Christmas shopping and possibly meeting my mate John in Edinburgh.

Today …Thankfully after what seems like a long drawn out process, I got my new crown fitted this morning. I’ve had a temporary in for the past few weeks but it felt rough.

No it wasn’t my front tooth!

So what do I really want from Christmas?

Love Actually!



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