Part 19 – More Please!

Fuck. That feels so good!!

How does he do that?

It’s as if he makes me cum from the inside and the outside at the same time.

He says that it’s something that he thought about at an early age. He wondered how he could stimulate his girlfriend’s clit, at the same time as he enjoyed himself with penetration.

He says that he has been doing this for as long as he can remember having sex but he has recently looked it up online and it’s called coital alignment or some other fancy term, although I think it’s really just the missionary position with bells on.

( Should that be knobs on – Ed )

So what’s so different? I guess that it’s the technique but what I feel is the effect. I’ve always quite enjoyed missionary. I like the closeness and being able to look into my partners eyes when he orgasms.

Buts if I’m honest, it’s never really hit the spot for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed it, but never reached a climax like this and always needed other stimulation, touching myself or oral, but this is so wonderfully different.

He’s a big boy. When he fucks me hard it almost hurts. Well it does hurt. A delicious combination of pleasure and pain. At times I feel as if he could burst through me, particularly when I’m face down and he’s fucking me hard from behind.

But that’s very rarely or when I ask him to. Most of the time he’s a puppy dog and only too willing to please. I love it when he goes down on me, making sure that I come before he does. Why don’t other guys get that? That they get more fun if they please their partner first?

This is so different, from when previous partners fucked me, he seems to fill me up, but withdraw slightly, just enough that when he is inside the shaft of his cock is pushing against my clit and when he pulls it out and the length if his cock rubs against me and the feeling is incredibly intense. Then as he thrusts it back inside its mind blowing.

Tonight, completely powerless, I was loving how he was teasing me, touching me, kissing me, sucking my nipples and licking my clit. But I wanted to feel him inside me, stretching me. I was actually begging him to fuck me.

He did, but only after he’d made me come twice, fingering me and licking me, each orgasm rushing over me like a wave as my body spasmed and shook with his touch.

When he kissed me, I could taste my cum on his lips, that sweet taste is like nothing else. He says he loves it and loves how wet I get and that’s even before he has fucked me. Those slow, deliberate thrusts, holding his body above me on his arms as he pushes himself inside me.

Then short stroking me, deep inside but pulling out just an inch or two as his shaft rubs against my clit. I can feel myself getting closer and pushing my hips up to meet his. Our breathing getting shorter and I can feel him actually get just a little bit bigger in those last few thrusts before he comes inside me, thrusting harder, uncontrollably, his back arching above me, as his eyes close and we come together.

Then he’s beside me, kissing me and holding me. Breathless but smiling.

Thinking of it now, is making me ache somewhere inside, a dull deep ache and I’m wanting to be touched, I try to push my thighs together, trying to make the ache go away, but I can’t, the restraints won’t allow me.

So for now we’re kissing but I want more. Please.


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