Friday – We Love Our Love In Different Sizes!

Friday again ..

Where did that week go?

I love Fridays, but woke up feeling crap, something has been
working on me over the past few days. Feel like I’ve swallowed a
golf ball, I had no energy last night, I was shivery cold then
overheating during the night.

A couple of paracetemol and still made my work though . not exactly
dedication .. more the practicalities of being self employed and no
work = no pay, so get your ass in gear!

Do you ever get crazy dreams?

I dreamt that my dad had died suddenly. Massive heartattack in front of his tv.

A wee subconscious warning to go and see him more often perhaps?

This weekend .. tonight .. got the offer to go and meet my mates .. a
curry and a few beers with the boring ones that can’t dance … I
can’t be bothered, will pop across and see the old man and spend a
bit of time with him.

Take him in a Special Fish Supper ..what was that dream about?

Later .. 10:30 ..popping along to one of my works Christmas nights ..
taking the car, I’m sure that there will be a bit of dancing going on
.. which is great cos I’m in the mood to burn up some energy.

Tomorrow .. Christmas shopping .. need to get my act together.

Saturday night, anything except the XFactor final!!

Sunday .. aaaah now Sunday.

This Sunday an old favourite of mine Squeeze play the O2 Academy,
really looking forward to seeing them .. even more so because Paul
Heaton of Beautiful South fame is the support act.

Paul is such a clever lyricist, writer of poppy songs with a twist.
Perfect 10, Song for Whoever and Don’t Marry Her Fuck Me .. great

We love our love in difference sizes
I love her body especially the lies
Time takes its toll but not on the eyes
Priomise me this …
Take me tonight!

Want to go?

Perfect 10


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