Dilemna – The Sound Of The Crowd – Let The People Sing!

“Put your hand in the parting wave,  pass around …”


The opening line of a The Sound Of The Crowd,  the first Human League song that I can remember hearing,  sometime around 1980,  just a boy or an untamed youth at the time.

I was poor,  we all were,   well in my wee part of the world.   We had no idea of fashion.  there was no designer shops.  These guys looked like something else ..   New Romantics, the new wave follow up, post punk echoes of Glam and so far removed from all things hippy.

A short time later,  I was still poor,  but I had the lop-sided hair cut .. cringe!!

( Note – All photographs of that period have been destroyed as they should be !!   Hope yours are too!!  )

That of course was before they got famous,  before the album Dare! and the single  Don’t You want Me put them in the public eye and the album was number one for about 2 months around Christmas 1981.

Tonight The Human League,  that cool band of my youth,  play the Glasgow 02 Academy.

Have you saw them recently?    Even in the news?    Probably not.

Phil looks good with his cropped grey hair and still has the voice. He always was a good looking guy.

How much did I fancy the backing “singers” Joanne and Susan back in the day?

Not sure if I can say the same now.

But one thing I can say,  is stay away from the solos girls!!   At The Usher Hall last time it was cringeable!

Harsh but fair?  I hope so ..  not too harsh I hope .. Some memories you need to keep intact.

So here’s the dilemna,   I’m double booked .. whats a bhoy to do?

Tonight Celtic play Spartak Moscow in the final game of the Champions League Group Stages.    I have my usual seats.

So whats it to be ..  The Sound of The Crowd?    .. or .. The Sound Of The Crowd?

Just had a look at the Human League  back in 1981 and in 2011  ..  Sad to say it,  but some  good memories should be left in the past.

With that in mind,  The Human League or The Champions League?

There can only be one winner,    maybe I”ll see you next time girls.

For those who are in love
Theres a song thats warm and tender
For those who are oppressed
In song you can protest

So open up your mind
And give your soul expression
Come on take my hand
And I’ll sing for you this song

Let The People Sing!!


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