Friday – Both Ends Burning!


Friday again .. don’t you just love it!!

Did you like my last post ..  I’ll bet that you didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it and putting my head in that situation?

Today .. Tickets For An Evening With Bryan Ferry go on sale at the Royal Concert Hall and The Usher Hall.

I’ve booked my favourite seats already ..  you know the ones .. Roxy and Bowie ..  some of the music I grew up with .. how could I miss?

My favourite Roxy song is Both Ends Burning .. you can feel the passion in the lyrics .. it makes the skin on the back of my neck feel hot!.

Please don’t ever let me down
‘Cause you know I’m not so sure
Do I have the speed to carry on
Burn you out of my mind, I know
You’re a flame that never fades
Jungle red’s a deadly shade
Both ends burning, will the fires keep
Somewhere deep in my soul tonight
Both ends burning
Burning …..
Burn …..

My favourite off beat song of theirs is If There Is Something .. whih is complete pish til 1 minute and 40 seconds then kicks up a gear.

I would do anything for you
I would climb mountains
I would swim all the oceans blue
I would walk a thousand miles
Reveal my secrets
More than enough for me to share

Fantastic live. – Filmed in Glasgow apparently .. they were fantastic 2 years ago when I last saw them

Anyways .. whoever you are,  whatever you do .. have a great weekend .. get your tickets booked ..

Me ..I’ve already started my Christmas shopping,  My daughter’s new iphone5 arrived yesterday and she has it at school today ..  big softie eh?

Tonight a curry in Shawlands with my pal,      I feel like going dancing.   Don’t really care where .. unlilkely tho!!   😦

Tomorrow  Christmas shopping in Glasgow,  Sunday going to Edinburgh for the day,  Christmas Markets and The Dome for dinner later on.

Take care of you!



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