Part 18 – All Mine!

I can’t believe how good this feels,  she makes me feel that I could fly. No wings required as my being soars into the stratosphere

At this moment the blood,  or more specifically the endorphines and dopamines are bouncing around my head.   Those little molecules of pleasure that we unknowingly crave,  that without modern science we wouldn’t even know existed.

It’s a drug,  not the hormones, not that euphoric feeling when your back arches and your eyes roll over.

It’s the feeling of closeness,  that for that time there is nothing else happening in the world and no one else matters.

She lies there smiling and flushed beside me,  just a moment ago,  she was beneath me.

The pale skin of her neck and chest glowing where the corpuscles have opened letting blood flow to her skin to help her cool down.  But it’s not working.

Her smile is wide,  her hair slightly matted as it falls across her face and she blows a strand away.   I take the hint and push it away for her.

In a passing thought,  I wonder why she needs to cool down. When it was me doing all the work.

But then,  movement of any sort would be a little difficult in her current predicament.

“That was fantastic”. She says. Breathlessly.

“Yes it was”.  I smile and kiss her gently on the lips,   remembering how her body arched repeatedly as I pleasured her earlier.

Earlier .. but I can’t tell you how long ago as I’ve lost my sense of time.

I had been playing with her,  touching her,  kissing her all over,  teasing her then withdrawing,  refusing her the relief of climax that she wanted so badly.

On second thoughts,  her abdominals and thigh muscles had been working pretty hard and she had every right to look as breathless as I felt.

She was hardly an active participant,  but on reflection  it was partly her passive participation that made this so enjoyable.

We’d played a few games recently,  nothing more than a bit of fun really,  it had started when she had told me that’s she liked me holding her hands in position and then withdrawing them.   I liked that she always kept them where I’d left them,  or should I say placed them?

Usually it was above her head as she lay on the bed,  thrusting her pelvis into my face as I went down on her.   Occasionally it would be above her head against the wall as she stood in front of the mirror and I was behind her or to the side of her,  touching and teasing then fucking her against the wall.   My personal favourite was when she was face down,   her hands behind her back,  metaphorically tied.

Metaphorically tied ..

Do you like that?

I like that .. she could move her hands at any time .. but she chose not to .. how sexy is that?    Control and freedom at the same time.

Tonight was different,   tonight we changed the game,  toughened it up, tightened the controls and lost the freedom,  but there had to be trust.

Last weekend,  as we lay entwined in our post-coital haze,  drinking tea, listening to some chill-out mix,  Beth Gibbons singing All Mine,  so cool and haunting,  the line about being tethered and tied seemed to have some deeper meaning and she told me that she would like to try this for real.    She wanted to feel powerless and controlled and that she trusted me that I wouldn’t hurt her.

She knew that I was a gentle man  that pain wasn’t my style,  why would it be when you can give so much pleasure?

I’m a guy,  I get my pleasure anyway,  but that’s far  too easy,   pleasing my partner is what does it for me,  so how could I refuse an invitation like this?

An invitation or a command?   Is she passively controlling me?    Maybe but I don’t really care!!

So we looked online and had a good giggle at some of the stuff that’s available out there,   you wouldn’t believe some of it and you wonder what people get up to and what it takes for them to get their rocks off.

But serious mode,  seriously figuring out where we both wanted to play,  what was our level?     What served its function without being excessive.

We’d ordered online and had it delivered to my address,  we both have kids,  but her boys are likely to open the packaging, where as my daughter wouldn’t even be interested at another package arriving.

When I called her on the Thursday night she was excited and scared,  me too,  a strange but natural combination and it would only intensify before the weekend and we put planning into practice.

We had met in town earlier,  she’d came in on the train and I took the car,  a Peroni for me and a few cocktails for her,  dinner in Browns,  giggling like kids about the toys and games we had ahead.

Home, but no rush,  Santa had already been, but she didn’t know that I had already been busy.   I’d opened the box and made all the preparations.

Tea or wine?   Dumb question really.   The wine wins.  Prosecco and piano.   Kissing, singing,  playing it slow,  she still doesn’t know.

So I take her upstairs,  into the master bedroom,  it’s exactly as it should be,  nothing to see there.

Nothing except the box,  sitting on the bed,  I let her open it,  but it’s empty.  She looks at me surprised.

I say nothing,  but take her by the hand to the spare bedroom,  where I have been busy.

She looks pleasantly surprised as I open the door and the candles light up the room.  Flickering,  the restraints on the bed dark against the white sheets.

I lead her to the foot of the bed, she’s smiling and looking round the room but hasn’t said a word.

“What do you think?”  I ask her,  hoping  that she won’t woose out so close to the moment we’d looked forward to.

“You have been busy,  you kept that quiet”

“I wanted to surprise you”

“You certainly did that”  She says as she kisses me hard on the lips.

We stand there kissing for a minute or two,  I can feel myself stiffen against her,   my hands are on her neck and back, as I search for the zip at the back of her dress.

She feels  what I’m doing and makes it easy for me,  undoing the clip and the first few inches of the zip,   then turns and puts her arms to her side as I unzip her and let the dress fall to the floor.

I push away her hair and kiss her neck, as she turns to face me,  kissing harder and unclipping her bra with one hand,  she always smiles at that,  she says I’m too good.    I’ve had lots of practice.

As we had agreed in our late night phone calls,  she is now wearing just a black silk thong and black sheer hold-ups,   stockings are fun but too much fuss and tonight I don’t want anything getting in the way.

I take her by the hand and she climbs on to the bed,   not a word is spoken as she lies down flat on her back,  she moves herself  to the centre of the bed, points her toes towards the bottom and almost ceremoniously opens her arms and moves her hands towards the restraints.

She looks like some submissive angel.  Her face is a picture of calmness and serenity,  head straight,  arms wide,  but her eyes following my every move.

I can see from her expression that she is enjoying the game,  enjoying me playing with her,  knowing she will be pleased at every step along the way.

I kiss her gently,  affectionately,  holding my weight with my left hand as I run my right from her thigh to her breast,  cupping it in my hand and squeezing then leaning over to kiss and tease each nipple for just a moment.   Just enough to make them hard and erect.

Sitting back up,  I take her left hand in mine and clip it into the soft velvet restraint and fasten the Velcro tightly around it,  but not too tightly,  this is abour restraint,  pleasure not pain.   Her face is impassive as she watches my every move, does not move an inch.

Our eyes are locked as I walk around to the other side of the bed and lock her other hand in position.

“You look amazing” I tell her, “So very very sexy”

“Thank you,  we like to please”

“Oh you are doing that”

I stand at the foot of the bed,   and rip my shirt open,  she laughs out loudly.   I’m glad she did as I had planned that deliberately ..  For fun,  to lighten the moment.   Its a pastiche of some porn movie and done just for a laughs,   It was to remind ourselves that its a just a game,  its not to be taken too seriously.  I’m glad it worked.     The shirts is on poppers so no damage done.

I strip to my boxers,  my favourite tight white lyrca boxers,  supportive and hold the shape,  dropping all my clothes were they fall and lie beside her,  making sure that I don’t lean heavily on her arm,  kissing her then stroking her body, she is so aroused that she almost rises towards my fingers as I run them gently over her body.

I move between her legs,  straddling her,  pushing her breasts together and kissing and sucking each of her nipples in turn.  Trying to get both in my mouth at the same time.    Her breathing is changing, deeply now and I am enjoying the affect I’m having on her.

I slide down the bed,  kissing her tummy,  for a moment I stop and suck her through the matieral of her panties.  Then kneel up,  making sure I have her attention then tugging her thong down her thighs,  she lifts her bottom of the bed,  holding my gaze,

I always love this moment.  Always have.   Its the moment of truth where the Get-Out-Of-Jail card can be played or its Green lights all the way!

I gently open her legs and kiss her gently,  just a little,  the deftest touch of my tongue just to taste and let her know whats ahead.

She leaves her legs where I’ve placed them as I climb off the bed,   neither of us speaking,  but I can feel the slight tremble of excitement as I lift each of her ankles and clip it  into the foot restraints.

But now she lies there,  exposed and naked before me her arms wide and her legs spread.

She does look angelic,  serene, calm.   I just couldn’t imagine myself beiug so subdued if our positions were reversed.

I kneel before her,  my head between her legs,  kissing her,  opening her lips and sliding my finger inside her as I lick her clit.

She moans softly and lifts her pelvis off the bed,  as I suck her and push my finger inside just a little further.

I can feel her getting wetter and the tinniest little squirts on my face from somewhere as she thrusts against me harder.

I’m enjoying this,   teasing her,  feeling how close she is,  but not letting her finish.

I kneel up and move beside her, kissing her hard on the mouth, letting her taste just a little of herself,  I like that.

I take a gulp of the Prosecco and let it dribble between us,  faling from my mouth to hers as she opens up to accept it.

“Fuck me” she says,  “I want to feel you inside me”

“Yes I know,  but we’ve barely started and we have all night”.

I’ve been looking forward to this and I’m in no rush.


This is Part 18 of my completely fictional ( No- honest ) Online Dating story – For Part 1,  click below.

If Peroni Did Mills And Boon!


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