Part 17 – The Tipping Point or Friends With Benefits?

What would you do?

Would you stick with a relationship which was hardly ideal but were you had invested lots of time and effort?

Or would you cut and run?

How do you decide?

They call it the tipping point,  the point were the bad outweighs the good and in your head you think that’s enough, even if in your  heart you still care for that person.

The tipping point.

When staying in the relationship is harder and brings less joy than being back on your own again.

Your heart says that you are still in love,  but your head says,  that you’re being a fool and its time to move on.

Okay,  its not her,  its her kids,  they are seriously getting me down, Jesus honestly,  on one hand their not bad kids but when they don’t get what they want they morph into spoiled brats.

The middle one in particular. What a completely obnoxious little shit he is,  if he was mine I’d have booted his arse big style.

Metaphorically obviously but no way would I be giving into their demands.

Of course, she panders to them,  you tell her that she is pandering,  buying their compliance. She agrees and says that you’re  right and the next thing you know is that she’s repeating the exercise.

That just doesn’t work,  kids need to learn respect,  that they can’t just get everything they want and if you say NO it means NO.

You can’t just relent and buy them what they want just because they’ve thrown a temper tantrum.

What does that do?

In the time since I’ve met the kids it’s got worse instead of better.  They definitely were in best behaviour when we first met.  Now all I feel is that they are jealous that I have some of her attention and act up at any opportunity.

I’ve tried to say nothing, bite my tongue,  even although if they had been my kids there would have been grounded for weeks.

None of that sending them to their room nonsense. That’s no punishment nowadays. Not when kids have tv, games and the Internet to talk to their pals.

You need to go in hard,  show them who’s boss. Take all their gadgets away.  It’s a punitive measure,  it doesn’t work if you don’t enforce it or cave in after ten minutes.

Right enough!   But I’m pissed off!

To be fair, to put things in perspective,   apart from her kids everything else is pretty good.

Better than good!

She is some girl,  kind and generous,  pretty, attractive and very sexy.

We do lots of nice things together,  more concerts and dancing than restaurants, but that’s how I like it.

Did I tell you she was very sexy?

I love when she comes over to mine dressed for action,  when we have our hands all over each other and are fucking at the front door.

Or when we are out for dinner and she goes to the loo and hands me her panties.

Is it wrong to admit that I love it when they are slightly moist and smell of a combination of her perfume and feminity?

I’ve realised that our best times are always when we have time alone with no kids.

A hotel is fun,  usually dinner and dancing.

Although if I’m honest it prefer when we are at mines.  Cuddling on the couch,  Chinese and a DVD is lovely.   She likes that.

But it’s the privacy I like,  I love it when I make dinner and she arrives dressed in a basque and stockings, sitting at my dining table. I can look but I can’t touch.

The anticipation is overwhelming.    Looking at each other,  knowing what we are going to do,  but doing nothing,  just simmering, letting the heat build up.

We both know it will happen,  so why rush?

Maybe that’s where I should leave things.  At that level,  just good old fashioned fun. no kids,  no plans for the future,  just friends with benefits.

Friends with benefits?

I had another friend, not so long ago,  who said that we were friends with benefits and she left because she thought thats all it was.  If only she knew that I was crazy about her.  I changed my life for her.  Changed it too late,  its not as if I didn’t have my chances.

I’m sure she left because she hit her tipping point and it wasn’t easy for her,  but thats another story for another day.

But thats in the past, here we are now and at this time,  in this story,  I’m happy to be FWB,  I can deal with that.

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