All These Things I’ve Done – Give It Up!

Tonight …

Its Friday ..  Yaaay!!

Tonight,  my pal Alex and I are going to see The Killers at The Echo Arena,  Liverpool.

Leaving work early and getting the 4pm train,   get there at 7:30 .. just enough time to get to the area and grab a few beers before the gig starts at 9.

I’m really looking forward to this as they were fantastic at the SEC Glasgow two weeks ago.


So where are you staying .. you might ask ..

Nowhere I’ll say .. we’re going out all night .. seeing what joys Liverpool has to offer and getting the first train back north at 5am.

Whats the chances we fall asleep on the train and forget to change at Manchester?   🙂

Alex’s wife Laura has warned me that he needs to be home, safe and sober and ready for a friends 50th party on Saturday night.

Little does she know,  I’m the light weight in this dancing duo and he’s the loveable rogue!   🙂

Chances of me making party .. who knows .. but I have my daughter and will feel a bit guilty leaving her in even if my boy is there.

Right its Friday .. I’m feeling good and I’m going to see The Killers.

So why can’t I get this toon out of my head?


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