Part 13 – A Not So Simple Misunderstanding!

It was our usual Saturday night catch-up,  Chinese, XFactor and a bottle of Prosecco.

“How was your night?”  Asked Lynn.  She always asked,  wanting all  the details,  where did we go, what did we do?   More?

The meal or the concert or the hotel were the easy parts,  it was as if she was searching for inspiration and if we went somewhere special and raved about it,  it was a certainty that  her and Alan would be there soon.

For example,  we recently had a lovely weekend in Glasgow,  he booked Grill On The Corner for dinner, we want dancing in Corinthian and I booked an overnight stay at Citizen M,  a very stylish boutique hotel in the heart of the town centre.

Sure enough Lynn booked both the restaurant and hotel weeks later.

I wondered if they copied us in other ways too?   I had shared a little of what we had been up to,  well it seemed so different to what I had before,  it was nice to feel special and be looked after.

“I had a lovely night, thanks, dinner in a quiet little Italian in the west end and the last train back to his”

“Sounds very romantic, you two really do some nice things together”

“Yes we do,  I had a lovely time but..”


“Well I might have said something stupid later on,  that I kind of regret I mentioned,  now I’m sorry I said anything”

“Oh dear, do you want to talk about it?”

“Yeah, its been on my mind all day and I’m not sure what to do about it”

“Sounds like you need toget it off your chest,  what happened?”

“Do you remember at the bar in Citation,  when we were chatting to those guys at the bar, then the one i was speaking to Ian asked me out?”

“Yes, it was a good laugh, but what about it?”

“He gave me his card and I don’t know why but I kept it in my purse”

“What did you do that for?  You weren’t thinking of getting in touch with him,  were  you?”

“No, not really, just, no I don’t think so’

“No not really?  .. You sound pretty doubtful'”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m very flattered, he was a very good looking guy, but maybe a bit too sure of himself?”

“Yeah I know what you mean,  they were a couple of guys on the pull, Nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with you,  what’s on your mind?”

I topped up our glasses and took a deep breathe.

“Well we were in bed last night and we’d had a lovely night,  I know he likes to make me feel special and he does, I like that about him”

“Okay, so all good so far,  but?”

“Well I’d been at the loo and found the card in my purse,   and I asked him when was the last time that someone asked him out?”

“For gods sake,  what did you do that for?”

“I don’t know, I just wanted to know”

“What happened next?”

“He went really quiet,  didn’t say anything for a few minutes.  I didn’t think I’d said anything wrong”

“You don’t think that would raise some sort of alarm bell in his head?”

“Well I do now”

“Did he say anything?”

“He asked me what I’d said,  I told him that I’d told the guy that I was seeing someone”

“Seeing someone!   I’m sure that didn’t make him feel any better,  how did he take that?”

“Well he went quiet for a bit and then changed the subject”

How would you feel if after a nice wee night together he started talking about some other girl that had shown an interest in him? ”

“Okay I see your point,  but there was nothing in it”

“Well if you say so,  but how does he know that,   besides you kept the guys number,  you must have a reason?”

“I know,  I don’t know why”

I had already asked myself why,  I was flattered at the time,  but I wasn’t particularly interested in the guy.

“Did you want to contact him,  he seemed very interested in you?”

“No,  not at all,  maybe I should have just thrown the number in the bin”

“Maybe,  but what you really should have done is kept it to yourself,  or at least picked your moment”

“Yes I think so,  he was still bieng a bit quiet in the morning,  he’s usually very open,  but I could tell that he was being quite deep about this”

“Yes,  what would you have felt,  if it had been revversed?”

“Okay okay,  I get it,  I should have keep my mouth shut”

Later that night when Lynn and her boys had went home,   I lay in bed thinking about our conversation.   Yes I was flattered by the attention but I wasn’t interested in anyone else and I decided that I’d put the card in the bin in the morning.    I also decided that I would make the effort to let him know that I wasn’t going anywhere and was happy with what we had.

I picked up the phone and sent him a text “Missing your kisses,  wish you were here, X”

It was 2am,  so I didn’t expect a reply,   which was just as well as it didn’t come.


This is Part 13 of my fictional Online Dating story – For Part 1,  click below.

If Peroni Did Mills And Boon!

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