Son Mes Que Un Club – More Than A Club!


I love this guy Paul67 .. his latest post would bring a tear to a glass eye on todays 125th anniversary of the birth of Celtic Football and Athletic Club.

Celtic Quick News

How fantastic is it that, coincidentally,  Barcelona,  the best football team in the world arrive in Glasgow for tomorrows Champions League.

I’ll be there tomorrow night, an early start in the Merchant City,  hopefully a bit of friendly singing with the Barca fans,  then off to the game with my son.

Glasgow and Barcelona .. 2 great cities,   2 great clubs.

Their motto .. Son Mes Que Un Club .. is actually a reiteration of the words of Jock Stien after Celtic won the European Cup in 1967.

Win or lose,  its all about being there and enjoying the moment

Hail Hail.

From the Official Celtic Website .. how good does this sound???

AS Celtic welcome FC Barcelona to town this week, the club is keen to ensure that supporters of both teams can enjoy this momentous occasion.

Celtic are delighted to be back at Europe’s top table. This will be a football fiesta like no other and supporters will be able to see that the wonderful relationship between Celtic and Barca is celebrated.

Therefore, on the day of the match, this Wednesday, November 7, a Fanzone, bringing Celtic and Barcelona fans together to enjoy this great occasion will be set up at Merchant Square in the Merchant City.

The city of Barcelona always welcomes Celtic and our supporters so warmly and it is right that we should offer our good friends the same hospitality.

We are sure the Fanzone will be very popular with supporters of both clubs and we look forward to everyone who attends enjoying the venue, enjoying the city and enjoying the famous Celtic welcome.

The venue will provide an opportunity for fans to gather and meet and there will be music and entertainment on offer to supporters.

The event will run from 12.30pm – 5.30pm and supporters travelling in the official Barcelona party are advised to be on board their bus by 5.45pm latest for the short journey to Celtic Park.

We hope you all enjoy the live music and entertainment that is provided and that you have a safe and responsible time before attending the match.


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