Part 10 – Game On!

“Hello” he smiled as he held open the door to let me through.

“Hello to you too” I replied,  just as he kissed me,  a lovers  kiss, soft but full on the lips. Holding his to mine, our mouths wide and searching, it was only for a few moments but  it seemed too sweet to stop.

He takes my hand and leads me through the door.

“How was your drive?” As he closes the door and pulls me to him. His arms around my waist.

“It was fine and I found my way here much easier than last time”.  My arms seem to naturally follow his, reaching around his back,  noticing how broad he is at the chest but slim at the waist.

“I’m glad” he kisses me “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you”

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing you too”

We kiss harder,  our heads naturally tilting to the left as he moves his right hand to my  neck pulling my head gently towards him.

The kisses are getting deeper, our mouths open and tongues searching,  there’s a natural pause for breathe as we change the angle of our heads and he switches hands,  bringing his left to my neck and dropping his right hand to my bottom,  his fingers just reaching my cheek and squeezing slightly.

“I love your womanly curves” he grins as he squeezes me firmly.

“Just as well,  but you better watch your tongue or you won’t be seeing them”

“Oh, I’ll watch my tongue alright” he smiles as he pushed it deeper in my mouth.

We kissed harder, passionately,  he’s kissing the soft spots at the side of my neck and I moan softly as his mouth moves up and down the nape, nuzzling me,  the pressure of his mouth on my sensitive spots are sending waves of pleasure through my spine.

He gently pushed me back against the wall his hands running all over my body, one moment brushing over my breasts,  the next lifting my dress and squeezing the back of my thigh.

Then pauses,  we are gazing into each others eyes as he takes my hands from around his waist,  holding them together with his left hand and raising them above my head.

I’m wondering what he’s up to,  but he doesn’t say a word and we gaze eye to eye for a few seconds then he kisses me hard.

I’m kissing him back, my hands held above my head,  He is so much stronger than I,  but I know I could break free if I wanted to.

He is holding my hands with his left hand,  my face turned up to kiss him, his right hand moving from my neck,  slowly sliding down my body,, pausing at my breast for a moment and I gasp softly as he squeezes it through my dress.

His hand is now lifting the hem of my dress pulling it up as his hand moves in between my legs.  His hand moving to the outside of my panties and cupping my pussy in his palm,  his fingers pressing firmly against me but not yet probing.

He stops kissing me,  pulling his head back to look at me,  waiting.  I lean forward to kiss him,  I want him to continue but I can’t reach him as his hands are too strong.

He leans forward,  kissing me me softly as he starts to move his fingers along the length of my pussy,  caressing it and feeling its shape through the silky material,   I’m sure he can feel how wet I am.

He’s lifting my dress up some more as he flattens his hand and slides it inside my panties,   fingers probing, cupping me, his middle finger sliding along my length as my lips seem to open for him.

The game was defintely on!


Note to reader – Its; 5am, been writing this since 3am,  I can’t sleep as I’m a bit worried about my daughter Claire who has been ill since she came back to mine on Saturday and I took her to hospital last night.   Her own doctor had prescribed Amoxycillin,  but even I know that antibiotics don’t work for a virus.  So its nothing too serious,  I know she’ll be fine,  it just takes time.

When I imagined this scene I was thinking about Jack Vettriano’s painting Game On,  which is one of my favourites

If I’m honest,  its based on real experience too.

I once met Jack and he asked me which was my favourite painting, when I told him Game On,  he called me a Dirty Bastard!!

Game On

Game On


This is Part 10 of my fictional Online Dating story – For Part 1,  click below.

If Peroni Did Mills And Boon!


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