Party Fears Two?

I’ll have a shower
then phone my brother up
Within the hour
I’ll smash another cup

Please don’t start saying that
Or I’ll start believing you
If I start believing you
I’ll know that this party fears two

And what if this party fears two?
The alcohol loves you
While turning you blue

You went from here
From closer to near
Oh awake me ……..

Last night, Heaven 17 were immense, better than I imagined, much better.

All the old favourites and Glenn’s voice more refined with a better range and richer tones than it used to be.

The first song of the encore was their homage to Billy Mackenzie. The crowd loved it, so many people of the 80s in the audience.

It completely blew me away and i can’t get their haunting version out of my head this morning.

This isn’t last nights version, I’m on the train scouring YouTube so can’t really listen to the quality but it should give you the idea. Just download it from iTunes!

Party Fears Two

Party Fears Two – BEF


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