Part 8 – Lynn, You’re A Star!

Lynn arrived at six, shouting hello as she opened the door, a bottle of wine in hand. Her usual time for a Saturday night in. just enough time to order a takeaway and watch xfactor or whatever they count as saturday night family entertainment. Occasionally a movie, usually a film we’d missed at the cinema as all we normally got to watch were cartoons, super-heroes or typical teenage movies. Although to be fair Pixar films like Ice Age were good fun and Up was a personal favourite, even although the beginning always makes me cry. Even before it proved too close to real life.

We’d then spend the rest of the evening putting the world to rights. more often than not, we were too busy chatting and laughing and missed the show had to wind it back or watch it on Sunday.

Lynn’s younger son was the same age as Max, and her elder in between Jamie and David, they all got on well, no fighting, just the odd petty squabble and boys being boys. I had pizza, chicken wings and chips in the oven for them when Lynn arrived and they disappeared to their rooms while we sat down with a glass of wine and waited for the Chinese to arrive.

Its funny how we hadn’t discuused watching XFactor or Come Dancing, it was unspoken and almost deliberate as we knew that as soon as it started, the boys would disappear off upstairs and we’d be able to enjoy our Chinese and gossip in peace.

Lynn had been a god-send in the months before and after Andys’ death. She’d been there when it mattered and had taken responsibility for the boys, making sure they were fed, did the school runs and helped with their homework in those first few months were everything else seemed to fall apart, but day to day things needed to be organised.

She’d been there to support me through all the financial practicalities too. Taking time of her work to suit my schedule, playing the “working from home” card so that she could come to the lawyers with me.

Having never experienced such personal trauma before, it seemed harsh that while you have to deal with such life-changing emotional issues as the death of your partner, you also have the serious financial issues such as estates, mortgages, pensions and bank accounts to organise too.

Sitting in the bank managers or lawyers office signing off paperwork that you barely even read. It all looks so meaningless, just sign here and get it over with, but it brings the finality home, forces you to confront your loss head on and there were more than a few tears.

I was lucky though, once everything was complete, the house was completely paid for, only 1 pound left on the mortgage to avoid paying early redemption fees, a generous death in service payment and monthly pension from Andy’s job with the oil industry.

That seems so long ago now, almost 2 years ago, Since then we’d been to New York with the girls and been on a few weekends away when my mum could look after the boys.

They say that friendships formed in adversity tend to last forever. I like to think that Lynn will be my friend for as long as we live.

We watched tv as we ate the chinese, sharing portions of crispy aromatic duck and salt and pepper chicken, no starters as we were both on diets, Lynn would agree that she needed it more than I. I could really do more with toning up than losing weight.

We were catching up on the local gossip, mutual friends and their kids. I think we both knew that we didn’t want to get to the nitty-gritty with mouthfuls of duck in our mouth.

“So come on then, let me hear all about it, I want all the details!” Lynn prompted.

“Well you know that it went well” I smiled, I’d told her things were going great in a few texts over the day yesterday, once on the drive to The Trossachs and once after dinner while he was at the loo. I hadn’t told her that we’d made love twice by then, but she was obviously looking for more.

“Yes, I know, but c’mon, you’ve been building up to this for a while and you told me that you stayed did you sleep with him?”

“Jeez Lynn, you’re sounding like Annette now!”

“Okay, but I’m just pleased for you meeting someone that you like and just want you to be happy”.

“Yes, I appreciate that, you know I do.”

“I know, I was just hoping things went well and he was a decent guy and looked after you”

“Thanks Lynn, its just different for me to be talking about this, but yes we did sleep together, actually we did a lot more than sleep and a lot more than once, but you’ll just have to guess the rest”

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes, I enjoyed the walk and he is a decent cook for a guy!” I teased!

“I’m glad to hear it, but you know what I meant?’

“If you’re asking me, if he was a senstive and considerate lover or a fumbling grunt, then I’d have to say that I was far from disappointed, in fact I was very pleased, but it was more than that.”

“What do you mean?” Lynn looked bewildered.

“I mean more than the sex. that was fantastic, but I knew he was looking after me and not being pushy. He knew that I hadn’t been naked in front of anyone except Andy for so long and I was feeling very body-conscious. The sex was fantastic, we started slowly, lots of kissing and caressing, before he went down on me. He made me orgasm twice before he even took off his boxer shorts, but as I said it wasn’t all about sex.

“Wow, sounds great, but I’m still not sure what you mean?”

“It was about feeling wanted and to be naked and completely exposed but to feel so comfortable with someone, that I could relax and be myself, cuddling, laughing and singing songs in the darkness, Remember that even before Andy passed away we hadn’t actually done anything for ages and when we did it was more functional than pleasurable, this was different.”

“Ah, I think I know what you mean mow, I’m really pleased for you, so when are you seeing him again?”

“Well thats the thing, we don’t have any arrangements, I left his early this morning while he was sleeping so that I could be here for Max’s football. We’ve had a few texts today and he’s said that he wants to meet again soon but we’ve no definite plans, I can’t just leave the boys.”

“Well why don’t you ask him if he’s available on Tuesday?”

“Ask him, are you kidding, is that not the man’s job?”

“For Gods sake, you had a good time, you like him, he likes you, what are you waiting for?”

“Okay, you’re right, I just thought … ”

“Tell you what, I’ll come over and watch the boys. Alan and my lot will be watching the football on tv and they’ll probably be glad if I’m out the house for a few hours, you go and have fun”

“Thanks Lynn, thank you so much. You’re a star”


This is the 8th Part of my Fictional Dating Story For Part 1 click here.

Part 1 – If Peroni Did Mills And Boon!v

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