Part 3 – That warm space beside me!

She’s gone!

It’s 8am and I’ve just woke up with the space empty beside me.

I’d rolled over for a cuddle and stretched my arm out to hold her but all that was left was the warmth where she had been not so long ago.

The night before was special, in fact the full previous day that we spent together that was fantastic. A combination of freshness, uncertainty and that deep physical longing where you know that you want each other but you’re not sure that it will actually happen this time.

We’d had a few dates now, more than a few, this was our seventh date. That’s pretty long in this day and age of disposable relationships.

Fortunately neither of us are like that, we only want to meet the one special person and she wanted to be sure before she crossed that line. I was already sure and certain enough to respect her wishes.

That first date almost a month ago with cocktails at Grand Central was magical, followed by a few dinner dates and a couple of small gigs, dancing and laughing and just enjoying the company of someone we actually like.

Today was different though, we’d both taken the Friday off work and had planned to go to on a small hillwalk. She’d came to mine to drop her change of clothes for later. She came in for a tea and a look round, she liked the house, the colour schemes in the lounge and the master bedroom, the rest of the house was neutral with accessories and paintings to add some colour. Watching those design shows had proved their point.

I think that she was even more impressed as I had already prepared dinner for later and it was just starting to simmer in the slow cooker and would bubble away at a low heat while we puffed our way up to the top of Ben A’An in the Trossachs.

I could see her in the corner of my eye ad she stood there in the kitchen, leaning with her back against the units. Dressed in her walking gear, a tight fleece and leggings which hugged her figure. Sipping her tea and watching me give the mix a last stir and wash my hands.

Shes looking at me, a sultry smouldering look. A question in her eyes.

I’m looking back thinking, now?

We both knew what was coming, It was more a matter of when rather than than if.

We stepped towards each other, still uncertain, another step and we were together, kissing hard and passionately as we pulled each other closer.

Then pulling back, looking at each other, straight in the eyes is this it?

Kissing again, soft but hard, passion growing, my right hand pulling at the zip of her fleece and slipping inside to caress her left breast as she pulls me towards her.

She’s moaning softly as my hand cups her breast and my fingers squeeze her nipple, feeling it harden with my touch. Her fleece dropping to the floor as I push it off her shoulders, no doubts now that this is happening.

Those initial caresses, hard and passionate, breatheless and full on. I had waited for this moment for so long, I knew she would take time, but now we were almost there I didn’t want to rush it.

No desperately rushed fumble on the kitchen floor, not this time, not for our first time.

I wanted to make it special for her.

So I slowed, my kisses becoming gentler and my hand moving from her breast to the arch of her back. She noticed and stopped, she’s looking at me thinking .. what now and why did you stop?

No words are spoken, I lead her by the hand to the bedroom, pulling her towards the stairs and kissing half way there, kissing again at the top of the stairs, kissing again as I lead her to the bed and sit her on the edge. Standing above her, stripping my fleece and my tee shirt in one swift move.

Then we’re on the bed, hands all over each other, but not where they really want to be, not yet, no rush, it will happen.

It did happen, hours of passion, intimate kissing and a final rush, now cuddling and holding each other.

This was her first time that she had been intimate with anyone in a few years, her husband was taken from her in most horrible fashion, a long dehabiltating illness where the bodies own defence mechanisms turn against you.

It must have been awful for her, horrible for her three young sons,

The rest of the day was fabulous, kissing and laughing as we made it up to the top of that hill, She had worried about it being too difficult. I’d been there before and knew she could do it, I had complete confidence in her.

Back home for dinner and making love in the shower before we went out, watching her get dressed was as sexy as watching her get naked, sexier in some strange way, like the anticipation of a Christmas gift that you knew you’d open and enjoy later.

After dinner we took the train into town, back to Grand Central, well we had too really, a few cocktails and memories of that first date. Then dancing in some nightclub which I always thought of as a bit of a sleazy pick up joint, but that doesn’t matter when you don’t have eyes for anyone else.

Home, happy and full of lust and longing. Giggling in the taxi and whispering what we want to do to each other. Making it happen the moment we come in the door, clothes strewn as we kiss and tumble up the stairs.

But now it’s 8am and I’ve just woke up with the space warm but empty beside me and I wonder where she’s gone??

PS – This is a continuation to my fictional story, read the first part here.

Part 1 – If Peroni Did Mills And Boon!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Part 3 – That warm space beside me!

    1. Thanks Pamela,

      I’m enjoying writing the story. Filling in the backstory from both the male and female point of view.

      Its a love story. I’d like to keep it sensual without being too explicit, I don’t really want to do smut.

      Im working on the next part at the moment.

      She’s at his again. Kisses on arrival.

      They’re about to get down and dirty.

      But how graphic should it be?

      Thoughts welcome.


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