For a minute there I lost myself – Pals!!


Love them or loathe them?

Personally, I loved the song Creep from the first time I heard it.

But from then I wondered what the fuss was about.

They are my youngest brother Stuart’s favourite band but I just couldn’t get into Okay Computer or ……

And gave up.

That was until they played Glasgow Green about 2006. A horrible rainy night in Glasgow and the boys and I were dreech.

But must say the concert blew me away. They didn’t play Creep. Apparently they never do but i was blown away by Just, High and Dry and No Surprises.

The big finish was Karma Police.

It was one of those moments when the whole crowd were singing along and you think why don’t I know this song?

Of course I picked up on it pretty quickly and have loved it ever since.

Its one of the first songs I learned to play on piano and can lose myself in the anthemic ending.

Thom Yorke has the most amazingly desperate voice. It’s perfect for their songs of agony and hope.

For a minute there
I lost myself
I lost myself!

Just for a minute though! šŸ™‚

Hope your weekend going well, a nice wee catchup with my pal in the Turban Tandoori in Giffnock. Really nice food, better than our usual Cafe Noor in Shawlands.

One beer with the curry and then over to the Orchard Park. It was its usual busy Friday. Really wanted a tea but had to stick with Coke!

Yesterday, dad at the HCI for tests again. Same tests as last time but hopefully they find the source this time.

Last night Taken 2 with my boy. Enjoyable but totally contrived rubbish really.

Today. Football. On the train at the moment. Looking forward to a seat in the sunshine and a gab with my pals.

Pals are more important than football any day!! šŸ™‚
Karma Police


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