Online dating is a complete minefield – Discuss?!!!

What do you think? I’d be interested in your experience.

I suppose we know that its minefield already and it would be naive to think otherwise.

There are just so many liars, chancers and cheats out there. That may largely be the male population to be fair! 🙂

From a male point of view, my issues are with the tackiness, ignorance and the timewasters.

There is a lot of tasteless tackiness online, inappropriate amounts of flabby flesh, you wonder what these people are hoping to achieve and who they’d like to attract. Thats their choice and is easily ignored, you can write that off in a nano-second.

My other issue is where someone looks and sounds interesting, that they are looking for “a genuine guy” .. so you write an email .. a message showing interest .. without being over the top .. and it gets completely ignored.

You wonder why? You get momentary feelings of inadequacy, then you rationalise and remember where you are and that its all part of the game.

To these people, at least the pretentious ones, its just a game, its about scoring ego-boosting points.

Thats life.

Consider it a bonus that you don’t actually meet them as they are too much in love with themselves already!

Personally i find the biggest problem are the timewasters. The woman that you speak to and they seem interested but nothing ever develops.

You know the ones, they are always online. You’re out for the evening. You’re doing what you have to do, seeing family or maybe at the gym and it seems that everyime you login, even at lunchtime, they are there.

When you come on, they want to chat, but have never made the effort to write you a long email asking about you and showing an interest in you specifically or telling you about themselves.

I wonder why? I guess its because they are just playing around and don’t really care. They’re only after instant gratification with whoever will provide it at that moment .. it doesn’t really bode well for a future .. does it?

So …..

You can tell that I really do struggle with this online dating thing .. I enjoy speaking with people, I like people and have found that as I’ve matured I’ve became more of a people person than I was when I was younger and more career driven.

But its so difficult to make that connection .. that balance of attraction and personality. Shared interests and someone that you want to go any distance with never mind the full journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for perfection, just perfect for me.

I’m sure that it will happpen,

I just doubt that I’m looking in the right place.

Ps – No sympathy required, no lost soul here, I’m way too positive for that. I guess that during the week I get a bit lonely and introvert. But it’s good to have a think and ask yourself what you want from life and if you are going about it the right way.

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