Tears In The Rain – I Second That Emotion!

There is a wee something that I do ..  that not many people know about ..

No it’s not that .. everyone knows that ..

Call me a sad old romantic .. or a deluded fool with too much spare time on his hands.

I have a digital HD recorder and I collect all my favourite wee film snippets.  I’ve got the idea to make a feel-good DVD from them all but not got round to it yet.

I record just minutes at a time from various films that capture the essence of the film .. usually romantic, poignant, exciting or just uplifting.


Love it .. what am I like .. sometimes I completely forget I was brought up in Govan!!

Off the top of my head,  in no particular order, snippets include :-

BladeRunner – “Time To die” – in his final moments as he is about to die, Rutger the all powerful mutant saves the bladerunner  ..  He
realises that life is just too precious to waste.

You’ve Got Mail – Where he pretends he was someone else .. cos she hates the real him that she doesn’t really know .. and when they meet
she says “I hoped it was you”

Groundhog Day – At the start, he’s a complete arrogant @rse .. But in the end he has learned about life and redeems himself,  becomes a
better person and eventually gets the girl

Slumdog Millionaire – where the bad brother sets the girl free,  the boy wins the prize .. and he gets the girl .. such a triumph of the
human spirit over adversity.

The Full Monty – because she didn’t care that he was a fat slob and loved him anyway

Crocodile Dundee – Because he loses the girl and goes walkabout to the subway .. and she runs through NY to get him .. and does!

Stardust – The end scene in the witches castle .. where he gets his star .. and what do stars do?    Shine!! .. LOVE IT  .. The first Take
That song that actually moved me.   ( Blush!)

The Green Mile – where he saves the wardens wife by sucking out the cancer and gives it to the bad guy  .. oh how we hated that man.

Shawshank – where he plays the marriage of figaro and all the prisoners are awstruck . and he takes the resulting kicking with pride

Shawshank – where he escapes to deWataNayo and Red find the black rockand follows him .. its just human .. again the triumph of good
over adversity.

Pulp Fiction – Jack Rabbit slims – he dances with her .. but he dare NOT get the girl!

Nanny McPhee – cos she works her magic .. and that dope Colin Firth gets the girl who was waiting for him all the time.

Love Actually – The end,  from the proposal in the portugeuse restuarant,  to the airport .. There is just so much love in the world
.. requieted and unrequieted.  The first movie I saw were I actually liked Hugh Grant.

About A Boy – Hugh Grant again, the pompous self-indulgent @ss grows up and eventually realises that its not all about him and saves the
boy and himself.

KT Turnstall – Her first time on Jools Holland  .. a raw version of Black Horse and cherry Tree with her working all the recording kit to
create a rhythm.. stunning.

Dirty Dancing – the full end part – Cos nobody puts baby in a corner.
On A Clear Day – Peter Mullen swims the channel in penance and redemption for his drowned son .. another triumph of the human spirit

Sliding Doors – cos she finally dies and is simultaneously reborn .   She loses the w@nker and gets her man .. and no spanish inquisition
about it!  🙂

Bedazzled – where Raquel Welsh as Lust is wearing a bathing costume and shes was the first woman I ever noticed in any sexual way although
I didn’t appreciate that at the time. .    She is still gorrgeous today.

Gregorys Girl – cos his arm only goes up to there .. and he gets the girl .. but not the one he thought he was getting  … But who was
Gregorys girl?    Its not Claire Grogan or Dee Hepburn.

Wedding Crashers – the boring controlling boyfriend gets floored and he gets the girl ..cos despite lying to her .. his emotions were true
.. and she takes a chance on him.

GoldenEye – opening scene .. jumping off the dam .. fantastic.

Ferris Buellers Day Off – The parade scene – Dankashane and Hippy Hippy Shake

An Officer and a Gentleman – cos he qualifies despite the odds .. and goes back for the girl

The Quiet Man – The fight ccene with where John Wayne and Squire Danaher are at it for hours and even stop for a pint .. because
Maureen OHara is GORGEOUS.

The Bourne Ulimatum – Off the building into the river and lives – because hes Jason Bourne

Big – Tom Hanks playing a kid in an adult body .. the piano scene as its Magic
Overboard – Goldie Hawn – the rich chic dives off the boat to get her poor man .. cos she rather be poor with the man she loves than with
the soulless rich guy.

Singing in the rain – The original version cos Gene Kelly is so in love and walking on air

The Morcambe and Wise version of the above- cos its hilarious and reminds me of my happy childhood.

Swan Lake – The end scene – with that powerful theme lifting you and because the white swan kills the black swan and gets the girl and the
hairs on your neck are  on fire.

Thats enough for now .. I even surprised myself there.

Movies are expressions of emotion and without emotion life is meaningless.


One thought on “Tears In The Rain – I Second That Emotion!

  1. emotion = energy in motion
    Out of Africa – when he washes her hair
    As Good as it Gets – ‘you make me want to be a better man’
    Notting Hill – just a girl…(even when a woman)
    Shadowlands – learning to love at 50
    Mrs Doubtfire – doing whatever you have to do to be with your children
    The Holiday – forgotten love, new love, old love

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