Groove Is In The Heart – Titanium!!

So …….

Where did that go ….

Another fantastic weekend .. No gigs .. All family but kind of better really!

I love being part of a big family, it definitely keeps you grounded.

I absolutely love being able to talk about or be reminded about daft things we did as kids which are lost in the mist of memory until a cousin or brother reminds you .. Usually to wind me up or bring me down to size. .. I love that .. its such a great laugh even at my expense.

That’s the thing with family, there’s no hiding, it’s warts and all, but you’re there for each other in good times or bad.

Anyhoo .. Back to the wedding. .. Check out the pic of my wee auntie Nan and her 8 kids, all lovely people and great cousins . .. Can you feel the love in that pic?? 8 kids brought up in a 2 bedroom council place in a really rough part of the city, even rougher than Govan where I was brought up .. But there is an obvious closeness there.

That’s what families are about and you can’t buy that love.

As predicted, I was on the floor most of the night. The moment that the band played Bryan Ferrys Let’s Stick Together .. there she was looking for me .. The very beautiful cousin Kathleen. ., Eyes across the dance floor and for a few minutes … more like hours … we were back in the Savoy around 1984.

Yeah I know that song was originally out in the 70s, but if that doesn’t make you want to dance .. Or Superstition by Stevie Wonder .., Groove Me by Fern Kinney .. Laid by James .. Groove is in the heart .. Then you are truly dead already!!

Groove is indeed in the heart and age is only a number as long as you make it that way!!

That’s your choice .. You get on the floor and live .. Or grow old watching.

It was such fun, a great mix of all the oldies and The Killers, Paulo Nutini and David Guetta etc. I just love Titanium …. Cos that’s what I am … It’s an attitude to life.

The rest of the weekend.. Family meal in Saturday, friends birthday lunch on Sunday.

Do you ever feel blessed? 🙂


One thought on “Groove Is In The Heart – Titanium!!

  1. Feeling blessed – indeed I do. The sun is shining on this beautiful autumn day, warm coffee, a yoga class soon to stretch my body, a chapter from a new book to stretch my mind…… I’m free. I’m blessed.

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