Feeling Good – Lost In Music – Whoops!

Well ….

Its Friday and I’m feeeling gooooood ….

( Give me the Muse version over Buble’s anyday.  )

No particular reason for feeling good except the joy of being alive.

Woke up with Salt and Pepa playing in my head.

Oooooh-Baby-baby  … B-b-b-baby!

Then the bass part playing as I skipped up the stairs into the office,  walked along the open plan corridor giving it


A few random looks .. but do I care .. not a jot!!  🙂
Random thoughts rushing through my head .. Looking forward to my family wedding this evening.

My old auntie Nan will be there,  mother of the bride and 8 other children .. what a life she’s had,  but reaping the benefits now.

She’s never had money in her life,  but given a whole load of love.

Giving love – Its like an investment,  what you give you get back later with interest.

As long as you don’t invest in bankers or w@nkers.

I’m ooking forward to a bit of dancing, no doubts my cousin Kathleen and I will hit the floor as usual .. there are certain songs that once they start we look for each other across the room .. cos we know we both love them .. we did the same when we were younger and people thought we were going out together.

Kathleen’s man is a grump .. a boar .. a negative controlling drunken oaf .. but thats love sometimes.

There is no chance of him getting up off his fat ass and hitting the floor .. so its great to have cousins to have fun with.

I love dancing,  I love losing myself in the music,  you have to learn to relax into it, its a bit more difficult if you are self conscious type .. fortunately thats not really me .. I lose myself,  but also aware of my partner and love when you interact and feed off each other.

I actually really enjoy weddings and the warmth of family around me.

But got to confess that I detest … ( never use the H word !!)  .. that Loch Lomond big circle palava at the end,  its cringeabley predictable,  but well if everyone else is doing it,  I’ll sing and clap along with the rest.

Actually,  when you think about it .. You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road .. more than a bit inappropriate for two people in love and just starting their new life together!  🙂

Anyways – minor panic – just realised that I’ve came into work with no money or bank cards!!

Whoops!!    🙂

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