Living For The Weekend!

And what a weekend that was ….

Van Morrison on Friday
David Bowie tribute band on Saturday
Marc Almond in Sunday

All different, so who was best?

Got to say I enjoyed Van, the musicianship was superb. But he was only on for 80 minutes. Didn’t even play Moondance and no encore.

so despite enjoying the show in Edinburgh last time,  I think thats me and Van finito.

In fact,  hate to say it but the audience was comatose .. not a good sign!

Marc Almond. What a guy. Pop Troubadour indeed, started slow with formulaic album songs I’d never heard before but his fans including my gay pals enjoyed them and were singing along.

However, the last 45 minutes were bang bang bang with all the hits. A rocky version of Bedsitter,  Days Of Pearly Spender, you know the rest and finished with Tainted Love.

Of course he was going to come back for an encore. Say Hello Wave Goodbye as good as ever with the full crowd singing along. Then really finished with his tribute to his idol Marc Bolan. Hot Love … Fantastic!!

Got to say Marc is not really my cup if tea but what a showman and its hard to criticise something that makes you feel so good.   I’d defintely go and see him again next time he is here.

Given the choice .. Marc over Van anytime.

As for the Bowie tribute? We were ten foot from the stage in Oran Mor and sang every word. John the main man is obviously a huge fan and living the dream.    He has the voice bang on,  plays the part and his switch from Wild Eyed Boy From Free Cloud to All The Young Dudes was perfect.

That was my favourite nght of the three,  it did it for me, even although I was totally sober.


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