Weak Days on Week Days – Then the Night Fever kicked in!

So .. its Friday again .. and weekend’s are for living.

Weekdays too,  if you’re lucky.

I was a bit down earlier in the week,  it happens  ..
Weak days on weekdays  … living for the weekend I guess.

I heard a song on the radio,  cheered me up and got me dancing again … pure cheesiness,  but part of growing up and I love it.

And that sweet city woman,  moves through the night
touching my mind and my soul
and when you reach out for me girl and the feeling is right
I get that Night Fever,  Night fever ..

Go on .. sing .. you know you want to!!  🙂

This weekend,  Van Morrison and Marc Almond,  so different but looking forward to both .. I like diversity.

I saw Van again earlier this year in Edinburgh and he was in a good mood for a change,  was totally amazed by his talents,  piano, guitar, saxophone and what a voice.    Personal favourites are Gloria,  Moondance and Someone Like You.

Sunday is Marc Almond at the ABC .. fantastic voice and such an understated artist,  did you know that he has sold 30 million recorrds .. thats pretty incredible,  I’ve not saw him since the last Soft Cell tour around 2000,  I hope that he does his version of The Night by Frankie Valli.

Meeting with my gay friends,   should be a good laugh … but tis a school night so no doubts that I’ll be the taxi driver.

What ever you are up to,  I hope you enjoy yourself,  drop me a line to say hello.

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