Are we human or are we dancers?

The Killers echoed the question that Neitsche asked .. Are we human or are we dancers?

Human  .. an existence .. being alive but not celebrating life.

Dancer .. a life full of joy.

I choose joy .. a life thats full and music that fills me wtth passion and hope.

I absolutely love Swan Lake and the power of the music.. but have never been to the ballet  …  I am changing that in the very near future as I have tickets for Swan Lake in a few weeks time.

Have you saw the movie Black Swan?

Such a weird movie, powerfuil and passionate ..strange but enticing.

As a contrast .. I love Billy Elliot and took my daughters down to London a few years ago to see the show.  Its slightly different from the film in that instead of Billy just growing up and becoming a dancer .. the young Billy has a dream scene about being a ballet dancer and as he dreams the stage is dark with light blue lighting and full of smoke .. he twirls and piroettes and a real ballet dancer appears and copies his every move to the Swan Lack theme ..

It was magical and I had a tear in my eye.  ( again??!! )

Last year for me was a really busy year.. I was buying the new house and fixing it up .. looking after dad .. kids .. negotiated new work on an increased contract and have been busy with it.

So some parts of life .. while not on hold were not a top priority.

Now,  I start every morning asking myself .. What is it that I want?

And .. How do I get there?

You should try that too … be a dancer if you can ..

I’ll see on you on the dance-floor.    🙂



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