New Resolution – London Is The Best!


What a weekend that was!!

London is such an amazingly fantastic city, I love Paris, Barcelona and Rome for different reasons, but London is the busiest and has the most to do by far.

Compare and contrast ..

Rome – the sense of history, you can sense it all around you.
Paris – such culture, history of a different period and beauty all around.
Barca – Great city, relies heavily on Gaudi but cosmopolitan and modern.

London – If you want to live it, to see shows and do lots, London is where you want to be.

Les Mis was fabulous, professional and so impressively put together. As predicted, I cried in the bits I knew I would, the obvious ones like I Dreamed A Dream I cried in others where Fontaine was dying and leaving Cosette, or Valjean was singing Bring Him Home for Marius

Maybe you need to watch it in context .. but I love it and watching it now stirs the memories and what I’d do for my own son and the promise I made on the day each of my kids were born.

Lecester Square, Soho, Chinatown, the buzz all over the place was fantastic. Not even expensive compared with Glasgow.

Saturday with family, sitting in a sunny Hampstead garden with a brand new baby in my arms, brings you back in touch with life. So close to the madding crowd and so peaceful and far away.

Lady Gaga what a show, starting with the Essex-girl Meeters and Greeters looking after us in VIP. They couldn’t have treated us any better if we’d gave them a bung! We did .. maybe that helped! Champagne, Peroni and Jack Daniels flowing .. what a set up.

New resolution, I need to do London more often, might even try working there for 6 months.

If you get the chance, just do it.

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