Laughter Is The Best Medicine .. ..

Laughter is a great medicine ..but Its good to have deep conversations, a bit of both keeps you balanced

I have read almost every book on self improvement and positive thinking .. including
Women are from Venus
Why Men Lie and Women Cry
Why Men Can Read Maps and ..
Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway
Learning to let go
The Secret.
The Celesitine Prophecy

All of the above have their own merits, but the biggest thing to take from it is that life is a process of change. We don’t always get what we want .. but whatever life throws at us .. its how we
choose to deal with it thats important.

Some people don’t have any choices in their lives, their are stuck in bad jobs or bad relationships with no easy way forward.

Thats their own lack of self belief and investment in themselves and its their choice to stay .. or to educate themself and improve.

I have a good job, a few quid in the bank .. I’ve already made some good choices along the way .. i’m very fortunate.

But we still can’t control what life throws at us.

What we can do is make things better, by making better choices and learning to cope with the disappointments or stresses better.

I found it cathartic writing that.

Some of the lines I liked from the books and found helpful are ..

1 – Change what you can and don’t worry abot what you can’t.

2 – Don’t sweat the small stuff .. ie .. do the big things .. don’t even worry about the wee things, they will sort themselves out.

3 – Don’t hang around with negative people, they just steal your energy and bring you down.

4 – Think in terms of what you want and it will happen through subconscious thought .. rather than thinking about the don’ts/

Do you I think I’d make a pretty good life coach? 🙂

Thats a new thing .. life coach .. an unqualified person who can talk
the talk and maybe give the benefit of some experience.

Remember life is a journey, good and bad, its how we choose to deal
with our problems that makes us who we are.

One thought on “Laughter Is The Best Medicine .. ..

  1. I like this one! Particularly part about its how we deal with the cards life deals us that makes a difference, not the cards themselves. Couldn’t agree more.. I’ve had such a turbulent time the past six months but kept positive and focused. Here I am away to start a new phase of my life tomorrow, and you know what I can’t wait for the next six months! Px

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